"Planet Earth's Best Kept Secret" - November 2005

            Floating through the aether

            and wrestling with the complex, endless tether

            of the game some call reality, or living.

            Maybe there are rules, or codes spoken

            I for my life can not embark on

            in figuring them out. Ive broke them.

            Clinging to the throng,

            and in the desire to keep up,

            so hard to resist to short-cut

            or cheat, as I see it

            yet despite my best effort

            I know Im making a mess of it

            from other perspectives. 

            So why bother even some?

            The feeling of self-worth that comes

            from straining to do the right thing

            I believe is an honorable thing,

            as much as I can believe anything.

            Faith is a beautiful thing.

            I wish I could find more to store it in.

            It seems a life of faith is peace and glorious.

            Look at the happy pious folk.

            Id like to give in, but Im broke.

            I think your true faith chooses you,

            lends an answer for what abuses you.

            Mine is a life of one solid belief

            that I hold above others with no relief.

            And that is to never hold onto an idea

            no matter how sparkling crystal clear

            and hence never protect it as my own.

            The philosophy applies to even this one.

            Thanks to a wise man I once abided -

            a thug with whom I collided.

            The silence in my head is golden.

            Sometimes I lose the crowd,

            but I find them again theyre loud.

            Were playing this game

            because it keeps our minds occupied

            enough to turn six billion blind eyes

            away from the truth, away from the sky.

            Were born alone and we die in suit.

            And planet Earths best kept secret:

            we live alone too.

            "Taken" - July 2005


            Just like that. Taken.

            No other word can I think

            than my muse.

            A muse not for expression

            through music, literature, art

            but a muse for life,

            for living.

            The looking glass I use

            to sort through the bullshit,

            to order the nonsense

            from the sense of it all

            for a short while crystal

            its now blurred.

            How did he clear it?

            Or did I?

            Either way - the catalyst is gone.

            Should I pursue my efforts?

            Deal with the frustration

            of trying to make sense

            of a frosty unclear world?

            Or do I take rein

            put down the glass,

            drift back into peace

            By peace I mean sleep.

            And by sleep I mean ignorance.

            Ignorance is bliss,

            for a time,

            before it turns to torture.

            For me that is.

            Some sleep their whole lives

            cuddled up in a niche of mediocrity

            as the world rushes past.

            Not for me.

            Please, never me.

            In this moment my wisdom

            - the steadiest voice

            right now its also the loudest.

            It screams first gratitude

            then honor, then pride.

            Im happy to rest

            because alongside it comes

            the chance to reawake.

            If I do drift off now

            I plan to enjoy it

            But I can hardly wait.

"Foundation" - June 2005

When you soar you can lose sight

of the foundations that ground you.

My lesson has been learned.

The path to rediscover the massive stone pillars

that hold me in place seemed endless,

but in finding them again, for the first time

I knew them, and knew that they were always there

And in knowing strength for what it was

and that I could master it, by forcing awareness of it

my foundations grew stronger.

Upon this do I consciously steady myself

even when at times I find myself wondering astray

I keep a fingernails grasp where I need to.

I will not lose sight of them again

no matter how high I may fly.

"Droplet" - August 2001

A giant wave will come

and lift me off my feet,

it will carry me with others

along this everlasting beach.

I collide with those around me

for short times and for long

I share the powerful emotions

that make my colour and my song.

The things that have made me

the individualism Ive been set

I experience every moment,

and every moment I forget.

At the dawn of every day

I am found somewhere unique -

a lengthy distance further

along this everlasting beach.

And when the heat will rise

And the liquid turn to vapour

I know that the dome above

Will replenish with a downpour

I have been given no foreknowledge

of my waves rising and its falls;

I often wonder at the reason

behind the existence of us all.

But every now and then

when I pause to glance around -

I figure that without the droplets

an ocean could naught be found.

As to the reason behind the ocean

and the place above the sky,

I decide it best to leave it

and be carried with the tide



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