"Ardvisura "


I have gathered from personal experience, that those among us

 who really know life, love and the heart of a person,

never speak on their behalf or try to make sense of them with words.

In our quiet enlightenment, we know that words can never justify

 that which there is no language to describe.

  Sadly, those who try to justify or explain who I am do not know me at all. 

They think so much about words to describe and judgments to make, that they have no open heart and mind

 to that which is before them.

  Sadly, they hurt me with their shortsightedness and ignorance,

 but it is also sad that they never get a sense of the beauty and love that beams from within my being.

  Dawn - Fighter - Survivor!


"Running Free "


Running - I feel alive,

       Energetic - part of the synchronicity of nature.

No longer encumbered by my awkward frame

and limited perceptions.


Running - I break free.

I no longer have a body slowing me down,

nor lungs restraining my breath;

not even gravity can hold me.


Running - I am one with the universe.

A gentle breeze; a floating leaf; a blooming bud;

a warming glow.  I am a mere fragment -

yet -

part of the whole.


"The Ocean Is My Soul"


The ocean is like my soul magnificent part of the whole universe. If you take a jar and bottle some of the ocean, it becomes limited. It does not move in waves and it looks very different from the vast sea in which it came from. Yet, it is still "part" of the ocean. If you poured the bottle back into the ocean, it would regain all of its glory!


It is like that with all of us. We are the bottle, our energy is limited in this body, but we are still the same energy in the universe that makes the sun rise and set and the waves ebb and flow. Isn't it amazing?? If everyone could understand that concept, what a world it would be!!!!

  Dawn - Fighter - Survivor!


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