By Jenn

single tree draped with leaves
alone in the woods talks to me tells me off gets me lost
I go there everyday but today is different
today I have never been there before
I'm lost in familiarity
I look to the tree for help
the tree is gone there's a river in it's place
I look to the woods around me
there are no woods there's an ocean
I think to myself I'm drowning
but there is no water
the ocean is really the sky the river a cloud
and I'm not drowning at all
the sky gets dark
the cloud explodes into little pieces
the pieces turn into stars
then I realize I'm no longer a person
I'm the moon
I look down at the earth below me
so full of death, hate, and pain
now I'm beyond that
no worries
no problems
I smile for the first time in my life


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