Story by "Christine"


My permanent depersonalization began when I was 26. I have a history of some drug use, though I had not used in 10 years! I took mushrooms at 16 and experienced DP during that bad trip but it went away, no more drugs for me! At a young age 11, I smoked pot, angel dust once, acid twice @ 13. I did experience brief episodes of DP as a child & can not remember if  I had  smoked pot before these episodes. I am convinced recreational drugs can bring on this disorder in some people.  I take xanax daily and have experimented with anti-depressants with no luck.  I was very adamant at searching for a cure, a clue, something about these
bizarre feelings that no one knew about. I have become lazy though over the years and am in a renewed spirit to pursue a cure. I can not believe the info that is now on the internet as opposed to when I first looked in 1992. I think everyone should write to every mental health organization possible to get this disorder some attention and research! That is one reason I'm submitting my story.

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