Story by "Frank"


I am 17 years old, and I have had what can be best described as Depersonalization order since I was 14.  I have never taken drugs or drank.  My constant symptoms began as a series of panic attacks when I was in 8th grade.  The feelings eventually became constant.  I have been to three physiatrists, who put me on 24 anti anxiety, antidepressants, and anti psychotic drugs.  None helped, and several made me worse.  The Zyprexa even caused a 35 pound weight gain, which I eventually lost after getting of the medicine.  I have also been to psychologists, chiropractors, neurologists, and a therapist.  I have had 2 MRI's,  one CAT scan, a sleep study, a EEG, and even a 24 hour ambulatory EEG in which I had to bring home. All showed no abnormalities.  I have not even had any traumatic experiences to set this of.  I am trying Concerta, which is actually used for ADD.  I don't know if it will help.  I don't really want to take it any more because it kept me awake for hours.  It also made the anxiety worse.  My heart raced.


I have emailed many website doctors.  I have heard repeated recommendations for Lamotrigine (which may be dangerous), Clomipramine, and even Naloxone( a narcotic drug).  I don't if anyone has tried these yet. You can email me at  if you wish.  THANK YOU 



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