Story by "Mike"


I browse the web occasionally to see if there are any updates, or groundbreaking discoveries, about the subject of depersonalization when I stumbled on to this site. I'm a thirty eight year old male with this condition and I've dealt with several states of depersonalization for most of my life.
My first "spell" surreptitiously manifested itself during my early teenage years, only to increase in intensity  until the age of seventeen, upon which it went into hibernation and reappeared when I was twenty one for a period of six months. I haven't had to deal with depersonalization for the longest time but around my thirty eight birthday all hell broke lose and I felt like I was a kid again. This is what I've learned about the disorder from my experience:
1. It tends to manifest itself following a stressful event or emotional conflict; you always have it but it goes into a hibernation mode until something triggers it.
2. If you have an overactive analytical mind you will tend to suffer more form this order because over-analyzing in circles like a dog chasing its own tail only feels like you become more detached. Like viewing the image in two facing mirrors that never end.
3. Staying physically fit will DEFINITELY help in dealing with your symptoms. Believe me, I'm an endurance athlete, and after one of my routines the symptoms usually disappear for a twenty four hours or more.
4. Traveling in airplanes, shopping malls, well-light environments, and movie theatres are often triggers for me as well.


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