Story by Tonda


I have had DP for 12 years now and since has been such a heavy burden. There are many times I have wanted to end my life because I just cant deal with it. My moods change so much , and I know its because I'm struggling with this illness. I cant remember walking from one room to the next or turning my head. It scares the hell out of me sometimes and I don't know what to do. I take amitryptiline and have been for years. The only thing the drug helps with is not losing my mind and going crazy. It calms some of the fear but does not change the DP. It never has. Doctors tell me oh, its just social anxiety and panic attacks. Yeah I have these symptoms because something very weird is going on and it's scaring me. I pray every night that it would just go away. I do not understand Why I have this. Any information would be helpful or meds that can help this problem please email me. Just to know I am not the only one suffering this weird illness can help me already. I live in fear everyday of my life and I want it to STOP.



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